Cowes Customs Gallery

There are limited pictures of Customs Officers and premises on the Island, I show the ones I have here.

Customs Launch Nimble 1906

Preventive Officer Stokes

Customs launch 'Nimble' pictured in 1906

This is reputedly a photo of W T Stokes Preventive Officer 1892 - 1906

Customs Ryde aunch

Watch House 1933

This is reputedly the Customs Ryde launch, Lady Primrose after breaking away from its mooring and hitting Ryde Pier in 1919. It was declared a wreck and its engine fitted to Nimble.

The Watch House in 1933, a photo taken by Bekens

A T Rankin

Cowes Post Office/Custom House

This is reputedly A T Rankin, Preventive Officer, appointed 1930, still serving in 1953. The uniform is pre 1949.

A pre-war view of Cowes High Street. At this time the Custom 

House was in the Post Office Building.

Custom House Quay

Cowes watchouse 60's

The slipway next to the Watch House, named on the card

as 'Custom House Quay' with the Customs launch

on the right. Undated but probably from the 1950's

The Watch House, Cowes in the 1960's before alterations were carried out. Photo by Dave Barker.

Customs launch 1974

The Customs launch (probably Fulmar) in 1974

Cowes Customs staff in the 80's - Vic, Jo, Roy, Bob, Ian and Steve - on board the unnamed launch in what was then known as Groves and Gutteridge marina.

One of the more unusual jobs Customs staff had was dealing with beached whales and dolphins. This shows Vic with a dolphin.

Two of the last officers at Cowes, Mark and an onboard

'Courser', the last Customs boat at Cowes2003

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